Monday, May 18, 2009

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I love doing this; I just wish that I kept track of all the dumb things I do all week.

This week I did not let my husband go get us breakfast from a restraint and while he was gone feed the kids quickly because I did not want to spend the money to let them eat out. I love them too much and I know how much they enjoy eating out.

I did not put my entire box of extra scrapbook paper into our yard sale and then cry because my husband sold the entire thing at a discounted price, I am the one who put it out there; I just never dreamed someone would buy it all. Luckily I had pulled out my favorite ones.

I do not grab the princess beach towel as soon as it comes out of the dryer and hide it in my room so my girls will not be able to use it, because it is the softest towel I have ever seen. I would not do that because I know this is there favorite towel because it has princesses on it.

I did not use my sons ATM card at the gas station and then wonder why his account was $50 smaller than it should be.

I most certainly did not get so mad at the cashier at the store for loudly telling me that my card was DECLINED several times, I did not make her re run the card several times before walking out and leaving my stuff on the counter. Come on who goes into a gas station to buy pop tarts and mountain dew with a card that has no money. I can tell you who. The person who then hits ever ATM around and can not figure out why it will not let me have my money. I did not then set and watch other people getting money out of the ATM and wonder if secretly my husband was leaving me and had taken all the money. I did not wait 2 days before finally calling the bank. A grown woman would know to do that first. The bank did not nicely say “mam, did you receive your new cards 3 months ago” then I most certainly was not stupid enough to say “yes but my card was not expired so I just kept using it” the wonderful nice man who I am sure was NOT laughing at me did not respond with “yes mam, but with those new cards there was a letter that said your cards had been comprised and so we sent you new ones and asked you to destroy the old ones. No way would I have this happen to me, I am on top of things much better. And I most certainly did not destroy said cards 2 weeks ago when cleaning out my file cabinet, and I most certainly will not have to call the bank this morning and explain myself.

I did not let my 3 year old wear my 6 year olds old glasses for several hours last week just because she looks so dang cute in them. Because I know how important eye sight is and how wearing someone else’s glasses will strain your eyes

Oh and back to the ATM cards, I was not at the gas station buying pop tarts for my children for breakfast because I always feed them home made nutritious meals.

I did not forget to ask my dh for the camera and gps out of his truck the day we had our farm field trip and then get mad at him for not thinking about it and leaving it for me, I am a much better wife then that and would be prepared enough to remember to get them out myself.

My son did not admit that he saw something very personal my dh and I was doing, I then did not blow it off and walk away. A good mother would use this as a time to have a good conversation with my child.

After watching the show about women being pregnant and not knowing it, I most certainly did not decide that I must be about 7 months pregnant and not know it. That is why I am getting fatter and fatter, it has nothing to do with lack of exercise or the amount of mountain dew I consume daily.

When my week became crazy last week I most certainly did not continually throw clean laundry in my room and then put the kids in there to watch tv when I wanted a moment of quiet. I definitely did not then sleep on the couch because I could not look at the mess. I am a wonderful wife and would never let my dh sleep alone

I did not make my husband throw a cookie in the yard because I caught him eating it and I know he is tying to loose weight. I definitely did not do this after eating several cookies myself.

I most certainly did not beg my husband to drop me off at the comisary while he took the kids home and unloaded our food from the other stores in the rain and then return and pick me up. We had already taken the kids to sears, sams, hobby lobby, kroger in the pouring rain.


Heather said...

You had quite the week! LOL I never do that kind of stuff either, about the ATM card. I'm always so embarrassed when I call and they have to explain things to me. Ugh!

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