Sunday, September 1, 2013

39 Weeks

Another week gone, I can hardly believe it. Some days I think he will be here soon and other days I think he is in his happy place and my never come out. I am not someone scared of being induced so that does not stress me. I was induced to deliver the baby we lost at 20 weeks, induced at 35 weeks because of lack of growth and again at 42 weeks because the baby was just not coming. My inductions happen quickly. It is like my body just needs a jump start. I am not doing anything currently to convince my body to start labor. This week I saw my OB. He is so funny. He is a older doctor. I was his last patient of the day; actually the office was closed by the time I was called back. He listened to the heart beat, used the ultrasound machine for half a second to make sure he was still head down. Reminded me of what to do if I go into labor and that was it. We spent the rest of the time talking about how long he has per appointment. He did tell me I tested positive for group B which I have never done. He did not check me and I did not ask to be. Not that I am not curious but because he did not offer and I have been dilated for several weeks before so it kind of gives false hope. I go back to the doctor next week. I did have a amazing privilege this week. I got my first belly cast. I have wanted one since I was pregnant the first time 16 years ago. My friend Natasha did it in her dining room. Natasha is also a doula. You can find her facebook page here. She is going to paint my cast and surprise me with it. Pamela


Katherine Blackford said...

You are so close. Who knows!?! Maybe you are already there :) I'm so happy for you and the belly cast is awesome. Thanks for sharing with us each week at Babies and Beyond. I don't remember, have you shared name yet?

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