Friday, September 6, 2013

Feeling Beachie

This week’s statements: 1) _Life________ happens, and you choose how you’re going to handle it. 2) I hate when you _clean the house___ and _no one comes over to see it or you change your sheets and the baby spits up on it.____ 3) The bravest thing I have ever done is __fly from Germany to North Carolina with my 7 month old baby to spend a month with my dad who I had never spent more than a couple of hours with. _________ 4) I like my __children___________ and ___hope that I take time to consider then blessings every day and not just something to take care of. _____________. Pamela


Judy said...

We just flew home and the people in front of us on the plane had a 3 month old. He was a wonderful passenger. We flew from Iceland to Toronto.

hilary said...

that was very brave!

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