Sunday, September 8, 2013


Forty weeks, I made it, I am full term. I went to the OB on Thursday. He said my blood pressure was up, not terribly but not my normal. My fluid levels are also low. So the plan is that if I do not have a baby by Thursday then I will be induced. I know I have heard all the horror stories and how you should not be induced but honestly it is not stressing me. I was induced with my 13 year old at 35 weeks for lack of growth and with my 10 year old because she was 42 weeks and showing no signs of coming. Honestly it was great; I delivered quickly and had no problems. The plan is to call in on Thursday morning at 6am and hopefully they will say come in NOW but reality is they may make we wait a couple of days until there is a open bed. I am not nervous about the delivery per say. I am nervous about the facility. I wish I was more confident in the hospital I was delivering at. But in the end I will have a precious blessing to hold and love. I think we have everything we need. I think I have arrangements for the children made. I think I have our appointments arranged so life can keep flowing. My husband is planning to take at least 2 weeks off but we will see how things go. I mean he will take 2 weeks off for sure but we will see what happens after that. So I am curious how did you recover after birth? Did you jump back into life quickly, did you have time to relax and rest in your room, and did you leave the hospital quickly or stay as long as you could. This hospital does not guarantee a room by yourself. I have already talked to the doctor about how quickly I can leave after birth. She assured me that they will let me leave as soon as I say I want because they are so busy. I think that is part of what makes me nervous. I know of someone who asked for a epidural this week. They told her yes but then got busy and she did not get it. I have not had a epidural in 16 years but I would like to know if I needed it I could get it. I got a amazing gift today. I was not expecting it until the end of the month. I receive my belly cast. She painted it like a owl. I love that the umbilical cord goes from the heart to his name. Pamela


Sarah @ My Joy-Filled Life said...

I've been induced with all of mine but one (I have 7), and I've had a good experience with all of them (the first one was a bit long). In my experience, labor does hurt more when induced, so I've always gotten the epidural when induced. But other than that, I've had good experiences too.

Praying everything goes well! Can't wait to hear a birth story soon!

Thanks for linking up!

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