Thursday, September 26, 2013

Brotherly Love and Bedtimes

I love these boys. I love how they love to learn. Just recently they have started playing well together. They always played together but now that James is 3 they can actually communicate and play together. It is so neat. They are either wrestling. Which looks like they are killing one another or they are snuggling and reading together. They share a room. I have been training them to play quietly in there room when they wake up. Have I told you they rarely sleep in past 6am? My rule is they can play quietly until I come and get them. Which honestly about 6:30. This will give me a few minutes to wake up or nurse a baby. There bedroom is right next to mine. I love hearing them play together. Most mornings it is very quiet and they are playing cars. Other mornings I can look on the monitor and they are jumping off the bed. I have to laugh because they always jump every time I yell for them to stop jumping. They forget about the monitor. How do you arrange quiet time for yourself? How do you handle kids waking up at different times? Pamela


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