Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cat's Party

How did everyone spend there Saint Patrick's day? We had a great day, we have not had a great day in a long time. We got up and had devotions and then the kids did school without complaining and while they did school I made shamrock cookies and green icing. Don't think too highly of me, I used pre made strips of sugar cookie dough and store bought icing. After school I let them ice and eat there cookies. What a mess, someone I lost the pictures. Then a friend came to visit for a hour which was a wonderful break. Then we had quiet time and yes I laid down. Then we went to piano and I let the kids play outside. After that we met Rob at work and all of us went to the PX to buy cat toys. I even bought Rob a new fishing pole. We told Michael is he got his math done before we got home dad would take Michael fishing. So when we got home Rob took Michael fishing which is praise. It means for the second day in a row Michael got his school work done with little or no complaining. As soon as Rob left I ordered pizza. When the pizza arrived I took it to my neighbor’s house for a birthday party. oh, I guess I forgot to tell you who had a birthday party. It was my neighbor’s cats. That is why we bought cat toys. We set in her front yard and ate pizza and then ate cake and then let the kids play outside until 8:30pm when Rob got home. They had so much fun and I took time to enjoy talking to a friend who is moving soon. Oh before I forget I need to explain a couple of the pictures. Hope ran home to get a roll of toilet paper. I could not understand why, she had found a dead bird and wanted to pick it up. Can you say YUCK. Then Grace was scared to have the sugar decorations stuck to her face so my friend Lori did it to show her it was safe. Push pause on my music before playing the video.

TEST< TEST, did my special friend notice I used capital letters. I did it just for you. LOL


Becky Smith said...

For me??? Little ole me???

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