Saturday, March 28, 2009

What a wonderful wake up

Every morning my precious Grace comes into the livingroom and says "mommy, laptop down". So I put my laptop down and she climbs in my lap and we snuggle and talk about how she slept. It is my favorite time of day. This morning I heard her yelling for me from bed. She wanted me to come and carry her. She never wants me to get her out of bed. So I went in and picked her up and noticed she was not wearing a pull up. And she was dry. I guess we forgot to put one on her when we put her in bed last night. She had been out of pull ups until she went in the hospital in December. But with the gastro issues she is back in them. So I praised her all the way to the bathroom and set her on the potty. She was setting there waiting and waiting for her pee pee to wake up. She was telling me her pee pee is still asleep. I wish I could have caught her smile when it finally woke up.
Then she wanted breakfast, WHAT she never wants breakfast, so she ate cereal and she is standing next to me eating a grahm cracker. Yesturday she drank to pink milks (pediasures). That is the first she has drank in a month. Since we know she lost half a pound in the last 2 months it was extra nice to see her drinking it. We are going to have a great day!

Okay a couple of other funnies from this that could only be heard at my house. Rob told Hope to use the toothpaste that is on top of the banana peel. Who in there right mind would have a banana peeling in there bathroom.
Last sunday we were laying in bed when Hope came and got in bed with us. Rob did not have a shirt on which for anyone else would be normal, but my kids rarely see dad without a shirt. Rob rolled over and Hope saw that Rob has under arm hair. It was the funniest thing I had seen in weeks. She kept trying to touch it and then would pull away. I did not know want her to know I was watching her. She finally asked me what it was. She then proceeds to tell me all the other places daddy has hair at.
Days like today remind me why I love being home.


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