Monday, March 9, 2009

last day of vacation

It is our last day so we chose to go back to majic kingdom and I am so glad we did. This is by far the warmest day. We made it to “It’s a small world”. How do you go to Disney without seeing it’s a small world. The highlight of the day was going to see mickey mouse, we almost left without a picture of him. We did not know Minnie mouse would be there. Grace has talked about Minnie mouse for weeks. They only let 3 families in at a time and we were the last one. As soon as she saw Minnie mouse she started screaming, Minnie mouse I love you, Minnie mouse you are so pretty, Minnie mouse. She hugged her and kissed her and hugged her. She did not want anything to do with mickey mouse but had a good time. We road the fairy to the park instead of the tram just for faith. We went to the gift shop to get souveneirs, Michael had already gotten his beloved gloves, rob had gotten his hat and now it was time for the girls. Hope had known since day one she wanted princess polly pockets, Grace got a stuffed Minnie mouse and then she also got Minnie mouse polly pockets. Have I said she has daddy wrapped around her finger. Faith is much like her mom and had a hard time deciding what she wanted. She wanted the tinker bell movie but rob said we could get it another day. She finally and I mean after 30 minutes chose a princess charm bracelet. If we are going crazy in the van we are stopping to buy the tinkerbell movie. We left the park early because I wanted to get landry done before we got home. I asked Rob to leave the cooler plugged in while we were at the park. We did this last year with no problem. Well after 6 long days and this being the warmest we got back to our van to find a dead battery. Security was very nice and helped us. We stopped at CiCi’a for pizza and then went back to the hotel to grab the dirty laundry. We drove forever to find the laundry mat they told us about and never did so we decided everyone would just wear flip flops home instead of dirty socks. Did I tell you we wore flip flops on the way here so they would not have to find there socks and then tie there shoes every time we got out of the van. Did I tell you it was snowing most of the way down and yes I let my kids play in the snow in flip flops. On that note grace is feeling much better. She still has a runny nose but not bad and I did not give her a treatment. We let the kids get in the pool again. Then went to the room and started packing things up. I can not believe I almost forgot to tell you this. The best thing ever happened today. Grace was asleep in the stroller and I was standing with faith and Michael while rob and hope road a ride. Michael asked faith if she wanted to dance. I could not believe it. I told her she better dance with him because he may never ask again. It was the sweetest thing ever. It made the trip worth it. I love making family memories. We did let faith and hope make a CD, We chose the song All stars, silly me thought it was about sports. You move your head around and it gives you a new body. The girls love it because they are in bikinis and sleevless dresses. I am okay with it because it is vacation.

Hope woke us up at 7am this morning saying it was time to leave. That is the first time I have been woken up by the kids. So we got everyone up and the van loaded and made sure the room was in decent shape and left. Have I told you how I unpack suitcases as soon as we get in a room and then make sure everything is organized. Or how every day I make sure the room is cleaned up even when we have maid service. I would not want them to think bad of us. We stopped at mcdonalds or breakfast. Grace has been the queen of accidents this morning, we had to make a stop to buy a towel because she spilt her drink all over her seat. She has told us she does not want to go home today. She wants to go to china. She has been talking about china for a couple of weeks. We thought we were stopping at a u-pick your own orange stand but it wasn’t. The man did let us go pick a couple so we could take pictures. So we are leaving with oranges and grapefruits and lemons. We are on the way home now with lots of fun memories. Grace just said “Doctor, Doctor, I feel like a apple”. I have really enjoyed her just talking this week. After ordering our food this morning she spent 10 minutes pretending to be the cashier and repeating back that we wanted chicken nuggets with dr. pepper. She is a mess, a wonderful mess, a mess I love more and more each day. So for now we are driving the long way home and hoping everyone will take LONG LoNG naps, I did buy a couple new books and a school house rock DVD to help on the trip. I will say I wish we would have brought Disney DVD’s along for the trip home. Most of them we have no watched in years but I think they would enjoy them now after being at Disney. Rob is taking the next 2 days off to re coop he says. The weather looks like it will be beautiful so I am betting he will go fishing and maybe work on sanding down the rest of the kitchen chairs.
i would like to be able to show you wonderful pictures on here because we had some great ones but i think i lost my SD card. I took both cards out of the cameras so i could down load them on the way home and somewhere along the way i realized i lost the most important one.


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