Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Quiet Weekend

The boys went camping this weekend with boy scouts so the girls and I are relaxing this weekend. Well not exactly relaxing today. We went out for burgers and fries for dinner and I even let them get pies. We just set around and relaxed last night. I did let them take a bath with the bubble blower that was until they pulled the shower curtain down including the rod out of the wall. But, I even took time to finish a book. I let the girls sleep in my bed last night and I slept on the couch. Actually I love sleeping on the couch and will use any excuse to do it. I even let them stay up until 10pm which never happens with mom. This morning we relaxed and then at 10am we got started. They got there room cleaned and Faith started laundry and kept it going. I got the office straightened up and found a wonderful memory. When Rob was in Iraq someone sent him cards using stampin up stamps which everyone knows is my favorite. When he saw them he got so excited and sent me a ton of them. Here is the sweat part, he did not write in the card. When I send a friend I typically do not sign it but write a note and stick inside of it so they can tear the card apart to copy it. The fact that he remembered that meant the world to me. It took a while to get back on track but I did. I got my room clean and my bathroom. Does anyone else stock pile shampoo and conditioner. I bet I have 10 bottles of each. I even cleaned out the drawers in my bathroom. I am proud to say I only had one outdated medicine. I really do try to stay on top of it. I promised the girls smoothies if they helped me get everything cleaned up. I wish I had the other camera to take pictures of everything they did. They really did try. They have had there smoothies and are now in there bedrooms watching a princess movie. We are going to relax until dad gets home which should be in the next hour. Here is a picture of the girls with there smoothie's and Grace resting in my bed.


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