Tuesday, March 31, 2009

more laughter tuesday

I decided to have leftover turkey with my breakfast this morning. When I offered Grace a bite she raised her hands in the STOP position and said. I had that for dinner. Then I was sweetly letting Rob know that I need a mountain dew and have none in the house which rarely happens. He just laughed at me. I thought he had left for work when he walked back in the house holding a very cold diet Pepsi, we have a fridge in the garage. His comment was too funny; he said "honey, I would be glad to give you my last diet Pepsi". I said no thank you; he knows I can not stand diet. He repeated himself "you can have my last diet Pepsi". OH, I get it, you are telling me you are now out of diet Pepsi and I need to go to the store today. The tragedy, I would not visit my house today. It is bad when both parents are out of there addictions. Something is wrong in the world when you walk into the Petrie house and do not find Diet Pepsi and Mountain Dew.


Melly said...

LOL, sounds like my house if we somehow run out of coffee or cherry coke!

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