Monday, March 9, 2009

Today we went to Sea World. We started by picking up a cake at walmart and then visiting my aunt who lives in Orlando for her birthday. She seemed thrilled to have us all there. We ate breakfast and sang Happy Birthday. Hope kept telling her she looks beautiful and Faith would not stop talking. Sea World was a lot of fun. We saw Shamu and even let the kids set on the front row by themselves. Well grace was asleep in our arms. They wanted to get wet and since this was the first day they were able to wear shorts I thought it would be okay. After the first big splash Faith came running to us. She was upset, I said but you wanted to be wet. Her response was priceless, “Mom, you did not tell me it was salt water”. Poor thing, while she says she loved the beach last summer she did not like the salt water. Rob and I took turns riding the krankin by ourselves, the kids were both scared of the big roller coaster. Rob has promised me that he will bring me back one day so we can ride together. WE tried to pet the dolphins but went too late in the day. We saw the sea otter show and laughed. We did ge to sea the dolphin show. The kids enjoyed the BIG Playground. They had several kid rides that we could ride together. This was the day for money but I do not mind. We, no they played games. First Grace tried to steal a teddy bear, I mean she pitched a royal fit because she wanted this bear holding a fish. The man even said that the game was impossible to beat. Of course Rob tried,.Then they moved to the next game where he won 2 neat sea turtle stuffed animals and rob talked him into trading both big sea turtles for th silly teddy bear that grace was still crying about. She definitely has her daddy wrapped around her finger and while I get upset about it, I love watching it. In all faith and Michael got a small sea turtle and Grace got her teddy bear and hope got a big dolphin. We also ended up paying for Hope to get in, the military thing is for a family of 4. The weather was great today, we only bought a frozen lemonade. I can not tell you how proud I am of us for not spending a ton of money on food. The kids were also able to get in the pool today for the first time and guess what it really was heated I could not believe how warm it was. We said we were going to bed early and I do not know when everyone else went to bed but I layed down and was talking on the phone and fell asleep before 8pm. Grace had such a wonderful time, she road a ride that takes you in the air and drops you, i thought Rob would be beside her and he ended up not being. i was so nervous. I think the pictures describe it best.


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