Monday, March 9, 2009

day 5 vacation

Today we went to universal studios. The weather was perfect almost 70, we even applied sunscreen. We learned a lot about Mr. Walt Disney. We saw a lot of shows. I got tickled because we watched the HSM #3 show and after only a few minutes faith was ready to go but then just a couple of hours later she wanted to stand and watch a lady sing old rock and roll songs. We did really well with budget again today. Michael got his beloved gloves he has wanted since before he got here. I let him get him today because he rode a roller coaster with dad. I bought Grace chips (and me a cookie) while we waited 45 minutes when the others were on a ride. Rob did buy a picture of them on the roller coaster. We all rode the toy story 3D ride together and that was neat. The park closed at 7 and I was glad. We were having fun but I know we are all tired. We stopped for dinner and am not back in the room. The kids are taking showers and then we are going to bed. Today was the day of bathroom issues. Grace wet through her pants and of course I did not have extras. Then another daughter kept telling us she had to go to the bathroom to get out of rides. She did not on this ride but the picture of her on the ride shows her eyes closed; she was really scared and pushed herself to go on it. Well she wet herself too. I felt so bad for her. Luckily we were leaving right after that ride. We also saw the race car show today, it was so neat for everyone. Grace had a ton more energy today but her cough sounds horrible. I think she is doing better and then I hold her and wonder if she just has a cold or if I need to be taken it more seriously. She has not had a fever but things happened so fast last time it makes me nervous.


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