Monday, October 12, 2009

Pictures from birth

This is DR. C. He was with me the day it took to long to find a heartbeat. When he told me .........then he said the words that made me trust him. He said I am not God. WOW, he let me know where his faith was. He came to see me everyday. I knew everyday he was praying for me. He encouraged us and then visited Grace in the NICU
daddy holding Grace for the first time.
this is the day she went home, weighing 4 pounds 4 ounces and her first day in a open crib
the nurses were wonderful, they even made her eye protection look fun

this is grace's first diaper, i still carry one in my purse for when I am worried she has not grown

this is our first picture of grace. everyone said she looked so big until I pointed out that this was a preemie pacifier and it came up over her shoulder

I know it is blurry but this shows her at 2 weeks, shows how skinny she is. The first day the nurse said when she gets a butt you will know she is ready to go home, because literally it looked like it was flat
This is our nurse DEE, we love nurse dee, we still visit her, I felt like I was leaving her with Family when it came to nurse dee.

theis the freezer of breastmilk before she even came home. honest i still have a few bags in the freezer because I can not throw them away, who knows what we will do when we move,
this was spring i think. this is the day I felt like a mom, being skin to skin with her


Armyknightslady said...

True Miracles!

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