Sunday, October 4, 2009

Do you think I forgot about you

It has been a great week. Friday night I had my pampered chef show and it was an amazing hit. I honestly was in prayers as I looked around and saw everyone. I felt so loved (and that was before I saw the orders). We had a great time and I enjoyed seeing some friends I had not seen in a long time. We made yummy pork sandwhiches and it was amazing. We cooked 4 pounds of pork in 8 minutes in the microwave, I could not believe it. She said you could cook a chicken in 15 minutes. I really want the crock we used. Then Saturday our boys went on a gun play date so the girls and I stayed home. It was amazing, I layed on the couch all day. I wrestled with Hope which she loved. Then today we went to church and came home and I went in my room for 3 hours and watched a movie and slept. Then woke up and had a tea party with Faith. Where she informed me that it is rude to put your pinky out while you drink from a cup.
I am really looking forward to this week. I recieved all of Michaels new school books on Friday and they look amazing. I have been playing with the hard drive and it looks really easy. I spent Saturday morning cleaning off bookshelves and re arranging school material. I should have done this before I had guest over. It is fall break here for the public school kids. Not for us but that means all of our extra activities are not going on. I look forward to being home.
Rob starts school this week, which means we should know this week if anyone wants to swap with him. I am anxious to find out and just move on. I mean make a plan of knowing what is next for sure.
oh in case you wanted to order but did not get a chance, here is how she said to do it. They can go to my website, Then they click on Shop Online, enter your name as the host, and go from there. Whatever they order will count for your show


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