Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Boyscout popcorn

Last year Michael (and Rob) sold boyscout popcorn. Michael was actually number 14 in the nation selling over $10,000. Over half of that was donations to send popcorn to the troops. With Rob being in school this time there is no way we can make a tenth of this amount. If you would like to help him, he would love to take your order. He is accepting donations for troops again. He has stood outside of Walmart the last two weekends collecting donations. I would like to explain that rob has been deployed 6 times and leaves again in April. He did recieve boyscout popcorn while deployed and said it was like a touch from home. So I do not know the popcorn gets to the soldiers. The other side to this is that Michael has been able to pay for him and his father to go on several camp outs and trips this year. All of his dues have been paid for from selling popcorn. he took our family to disney last spring and he has a wonderful scholarship. He will recieve a portion of his popcorn sales in his scholarship and camp fund again this year.


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