Tuesday, October 6, 2009

bunny bear

Last week Grace and I went to a friends birthday party. It was so much fun. We left really early and went shopping together. Then we got to the mall really early and had time to walk the whole mall by ourselves. Then we went to build a bear for the party. Believe it or not, we have Never taken any of our kids to build a bear. She was so cute, the first half of the party she just clung to me and wanted nothing o do with anyone else. By the end she was okay and having fun. After the party I took her back to build of bear and we bought her bunny a outfit and shoes. That was so much fun. Just to be able to go in with one of them and give her all of my attention. I did ask a friend to sew on the bunnies pants and shoes because they kept coming off. She calls her bunny Gracie. She also says it is bunny bear. Thank you so much Sophie for inviting us to your party and letting us have a great day.


Khourt said...

Sounds like fun! The boys like Build A Bear.. but then they never play with the bears!!

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