Monday, October 19, 2009

Not me Monday

I am so glad MckMamma started this. It feels so good to confess to someone, hahaha!
This week I did not set at the table shaking my leg because I did not want to walk to the bathroom. I would never do this after fussing at my kids for doing this. I also was not avoiding the girls bathroom (you know the one company uses) because I knew there was wet toilet paper on the floor.
I did not send my kids out in the cold to walk laps this week. I would never let them get cold and I definitely would never have kids who could not stop talking instead of doing school. I have my children trained better than that.
While my children were walking laps they found a organizer a child had left. I most certainly did not enjoy looking through the binder for a name because it let me see what kind of work she was doing. I then most certainly did not point out how neat her handwriting was to my children. I would never do that.
I did not hear my son announce to anyone who would listen that Hope and Grace fit in the washing machine. I have definitely trained my children to be safer than this.
My precious Grace turned four this week and I let her make her own cake and icing. I did not however let her brother and sisters taste the cake and icing while she was still down for her nap. That would be rude and I most certainly did not tell them not to tell her.
Okay, no one shoot me for this one. But I did not make it look like I was on my cycle a couple more days so I could go to sleep early and not be the wife my husband needs. I would never do this.
I did not bribe Hope with FOUR ice cream bars if she stayed home with Rob one day this week. That is just wrong, I always want my children with me and I never encourage sugar.
Speaking of food, I have a awesome husband and I would never take advantage of him by making him roll dough until I could see the muscles in his arm shake, especially on the same night as I went to bed early.
I also did not spend most of the last 2 weeks convincing Grace to eat constantly so when she goes to the DR this week it will look like she has gained weight well.
Anyone else do silly things they are willing to admit. I would love to admit to hear about it.


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