Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Grace is 4

I must have been tired when I first wrote this because I said she was 2 and she is not 2 she is 4.

I can not believe I did not post this sooner. I can not believe we did not get a better picture. Grace had a great birthday. She spent part of the day helping me make her cake. I think this will be a new tradition. I always ask if the kids want a store cake or homemade cake and they always choose homemade. which is kinda funny because I am not a great decorator. She made a purple and i mean PURPLE cake with yellow, burn your eyes yellow frosting and then we put purple clowns on top. The candles were pretty cool. They were connected by paper and so when you lit one a stream of fire went to the next one. i will try to upload the video later.
She got a baby doll potty chair for her birthday. we are doing her party next week. I am actually combining it with one for hope.


~bakinghomesteader~ said...

How old is she? Your post says 2 but your info on the right says 3. ;)

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