Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What kind of Bible do you use and what kind do your kids use

OK, i may show my ignorance here but please be patient. when i was growing up my pastor stressed the importance of ONLY using a KJV. I went to him one time and asked for permission to use a NIV and he said I could but that i should always use the KJV first.
I have used tons of different bibles and currently am using a Joyce Meyer study bible. okay so here is why I bring this up. Michael has been reading the good verses evil comic book bible by no greater joy. it tells the story of Noah but not about his sons turning there back on him when he was drunk, just the one who laughed (but it says took pleasure).
then yesterday Michael could not find song of Solomon in the bible and i was getting very frustrated with him. when i finally looked for him i noticed in his bible it says song of songs. so now i am second guessing what type of bible we use and would like your opinion


Khourt said...

We only use KJV.

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