Monday, October 12, 2009

not me monday

Not me, I am not setting in bed typing this, why you may ask, well because I CAN, my husband is home. I also am not in bed just because I love torturing my husband with homeschooling, I would never do that and I would always encourage him to relax on his day off.
My daughter, my precious daughter did not draw a picture of herself at co op wearing a belly shirt showing it's belly button. not my daughter and if she did this she most certainly would not be proud of it. this said daughter, who is 6 and honestly dresses homely with the longest dresses she can find, did not accidentally go to co op out of dress code. I would never forget to check and see if she had grown and her skirt was not knee length. And since my daughter would never leave the house in a skirt that was too short she most certainly would not have been wearing knee boots with this outfit.
I did not totally forget my daughters birthday was tomorrow until this morning. for a week we have been counting days for a week thinking her birthday was Wednesday.
Saturday I was not teary eyed twice because I realized this was our last time getting pictures taken with friends, I am in much better in control of my emotions than this especially since we are not moving for 3.5 months.
I did not spend a hour cleaning my bedroom last night, a mother who makes her children clean there room daily (even under the bed and in the closet) would never let her own bedroom get that bad.
Speaking of cleaning I did not send pictures of my dirty, I mean could not walk through dirty, house to a friend just to prove my house was dirtier than hers. one because my house is always put together and two because that seems kinda silly to do.
So what silly things did you do this week.
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