Wednesday, October 28, 2009

a look into my day, HELP HELP HELP

Today is a crazy day and so I thought I would update you to my day in case someone else needs a laugh
here is my list for today
7am WAKE UP, well i have been awake for awhile but i mean i have to get going
okay here is my list
cleean kitchen
run to the store to pick up eggs and milk and snacks since someone defrosted it over night (i so do not have time for this)
get kids going on school and chores
make bundt cake
make round cake for hope's birthday
make lunch
pick up baby
oops, make sure they have awana stuff ready
drive 30-45 minutes to pumpkin patch (can't forget hand sanitzer and stroller and cameras)
enjoy pumpkin patch and take a ton of pictures
drop baby off at her house, take a look at her house, they just got done building it
come home (maybe) for dinner, left overs or depending on time we will just eat out
take kids to awana
come home and begin icing cakes
pick up kids
come home and ice cake

so my husband had a idea, my thought was to make a sheet cake for co op and write happy birthday to my daughter and to one of her teachers.
then i made a bundt cake for that night for the house.

okay here is what husband decided
i am making 2 more bundt cakes this morning because we are
icing the sheet cake with chocolate,
putting brown sugar and oreos on the top to look like dirt
we are icing 2 bundt cakes to look like a pumpkin (so now i am making chocolate and orange frosting, i also need to make some green icing)
then he will set the pumpkin (2 bundt cakes) on top of the cake and he bought a BIG bag of candy corn pumpkins to lay around the rest of the cake so it looks like a pumpkin patch.
I think it will be cute but i have to say i am feeling very overwhelmed at all that needs done. it will be like a date to stay up and work with him.
i also need to make his 2 birthday cakes, a computer looking cake to take to his work with balloons on friday and then one for the night as a family. i also need to make a birthday cake for the girls birthday party on saturday morning
okay, i hope everyone else has a great day


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