Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Have I told you my husband likes to fish. In case you did not hear me I will tell you again, my husband LOVES to fish. I understand that every spring and for most of the husband I am going to loose my husband on Saturday mornings. I do not mind at all because for one he does not play any other sports (in the last couple of years) and second he almost always takes the kids with him. This time I decided to go with him. I did not fish but went. I just set there and relaxed and read a book (The Last Song). My goal is to start going with him more often. I want my children to see me doing more with them. I want us to do more together.


Wendy @ Faiths Firm Foundation said...

Hi Pam! I'm your newest follower from a Tuesday Tag-Along. Nice blog. There's a gentleness about your style of writing. A lot of love. I like it.
Things we have in common. My husband loves to fish (but never gets to go, poor man!) We homeschooled (my children are 24 and 21, but I still consider myself a Homeschooler, and try to help other moms still in the process:) My husband was in the Army. I enjoy making cards and scrapbooking, but seems I never take the time anymore (I guess blogging replaced that:) I like to rearrange furniture and organize rooms just for fun!
Hope you'll come by and visit, follow, too!
Faith's Firm Foundation

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