Thursday, September 2, 2010

For the Joy of it

Good, True & Beautiful

This week I have taken a nap almost daily for the joy of it, I have not cooked in almost a week for the joy of it, I have taken long showers and not loaded the dishwasher or washing machine just for the joy of it and how you may ask.
Because my wonderful amazing, hero took our children camping for a entire week.


kel said...

How Joyful!!! :) I can't even imagine. When my girls get a little older I may have to convince my hubby to take them camping for a week.

Itsavivathing said...

This must be the week for blogging about how wonderful our husbands are!
From one blessed wife to another!

Susan said...

Well, I just found your blog on Just For the Joy of It. First of all, your kids are adorable and I love their names....and I LOVE the red hair. My husband/hero used to take my children camping every year and I would stay home and have ME time. It was awesome! I am glad you have had a break. I have 4 kids too but my son is the youngest. He is in the army too....and is also my hero.

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