Monday, September 13, 2010

Not Me Monday

Not Me Monday is my day to let you see a different side of me. This week is simple. It was NOT me who told a big fat lie. A few weeks ago I kept a friends kids while she went to Hawaii to be with her husband who was on his way home from a deployment. Now I did not expect payment. She has great kids and I love entertaining.
Let me back track, if you know me you know that every month I am sad that I am not pregnant. So when my friend returned she had gifts for everyone. She told me I had to see mine in private and took me into my room. This is when she presented me with a Fertility statue. I laughed and stuck it in a drawer.
Fast forward a few weeks and my husband came home from his deployment. If you are going to get mad at me for talking bad fast forward through the next paragraph. So that night we finally make it to bed and start to do what married people do? In the middle I said STOP and jump out of bed trying not to laugh and run to the dresser and pull out the statue and put it on top (please know I have no belief in these things just thought it was funny). So fast forward through the rest and the next morning we wake up and my husband looks at the dresser and laughs. Makes a few joked about being mad if her trick worked.
Okay you all know that I ended up with a blood test telling me I was not pregnant. A week later I realized my cycle was 5 days late and again the dream of being pregnant came into my mind. So I snuck to the store (because it drives my hero batty that I waste so much money on test I know will be negative). Of course the test was negative. To make myself feel better I told a little white lie. I know you have been waiting for the lie. I took a pink marker and made that negative test positive and put it in front of my statue. Then I sent that picture to my friend. I did not hear from her for several hours and when she finally called she had not seen the picture. I made her pull over and look at the picture. She called back and was shocked that I was pregnant. Before I could tell her the truth her daughter got in the car and she told her. Now I kind of felt bad that I was lying to a child. I did not know what to do so I told her I would call her back.
I did talk to her within the hour and explain that I was only joking and I was indeed NOT pregnant. She forgave me but I am sure whenever I do get pregnant she will not believe me. I do believe she will never bring me another statue home.
Mckmama- Not Me Monday


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