Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

What is this you may be asking, this is how I packed for my hero to take the kids away for a week. I have always hung the kids clothes by outfits until they are old enough to pick out there own clothes. It means my hero does not have to try to match outfits. So when he was taking the kids camping I took each outfit and added undergarments and then put them in a bread bag and rolled it as tight as I could. Then I put a label with that childs name on it. It helped everyone involved and made more room in the suitcase.


Sharpemedic said...

What a great idea!

Ladii-Aponte said...

Very Smart! I should try that all I get is "what do you want him to wear"... I DONT CARE ANYTHING "OK" then i go look at my son and hes wearing some checkard Shorts u know the ones that are/were in style witht all the lines oh and of course a striped shirt! Not just a striped shirt a Bright Green striped shirt with the shorts that are Blue all sorts of blue OMG Ill go pick them up and be like ok im driving up come out My son is wearing god knows ahat and he has curly hair so he comes out the house with a FRO!!! Thanks Hunny Let me show up with my son looking homeless! lol Love the Idea Might have to start sorting His pants to Matching shorts for the MR. New follower hope you can check out my Blog!

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