Monday, September 13, 2010

Friend making Monday

1) What was the most enjoyable part of your weekend? finishing up my quilt with my husband, him asking me to put it on my bed because we made it together. This man has my heart and he knows it
2) List two or three material possessions that you can't live without: this is hard because I get rid of everything. I would say my pictures of our son that was a stillborn, my scrapbooks because I want my children to have pictures of themselves growing up
3) Which day are you looking forward to most in the coming week? maybe Friday because we are going to a new zoo, although I am not looking forward to this week because it is the last week my hero is on vacation. I can not believe he has been home for a month
4) Share one of your most embarrassing stories... this is a bad question, when we lived in Germany I would trim my hair every few months. One day I was at a awards ceremony, I walked up to the stage and recieved my award and went back to my table. A friend said "you cut out your hair". Appearantly one side was about 4 inches longer than the other. I have not cut my own hair since
5) List three of your "must-read" blogs and tell us why we should read them too! oh this is hard, It's twinsanity because she is honest and I can so relate to her military life, raising olives because I love her homeschool tips and because again she makes me feel normal, I also read Mckmama because she is hilarious, she is honest


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