Friday, October 15, 2010

Answered Prayers


Answered prayers:
I am so thankful that we live in a country where we can openly talk about our Faith.
I have had so many answers to prayer. I could tell you how my husband has returned home from Iraq safely 3 times. I could tell you how he saved my marriage in a time I thought it was unsavable.
Today I will tell you about the day my son was born and did not breathe for several minutes.
Today I will tell you about the day I had a car accident. I was 17 years old on the way home from a school field trip to Washington. I was setting in the back row of the van. I did not have my seatbelt on. I was leaning against the window. The lady who was driving the van was use to driving a stick shift. As we were going up a hill she thought she was shifting but instead she was putting us in reverse and pumping the gas. The van was going up a hill on a major high way. It immediately swerved off the road and flipped over. It first bounced and hit the front windshield cracking it, then the back of the van. At this time the window I was leaning it shattered but instead of falling out it stayed in (making most of the glass to go inside of me). The van stayed on the side where my back was practically touching the ground. It went from the grass field back through the gravel to the highway back through gravel and then stopped on the grass. During all of this my knees fell beside either side of my face, protecting my face (sounds silly but at that age it was a big issue). I was rushed to the hospital where I spent 5 days. My injuries included almost losing my left arm, broken right collar bone, several scrapes and cuts not requiring stitches and having to have fake skin (very similar to skin graft) on my back shoulders.
So now to the prayer. I was the only person in a van filled with teenagers that was hurt. We were prayed for while we were on this trip. Here is where love and prayer came in. I had been dating the same guy for over 2 years and we had recently broken up. He drove to the hospital with my parents (they were 3 hours away). I would not allow him to visit with me (teenage stupidity). He stayed in the Ronald McDonald house for 5 days praying for me. On the day I was released he drove my mom and I home and then visited often. This man that I would not allow to visit with me that I broke up with spent 5 days in a strange town praying for me. I knew this was the man I would marry even if I did not admit it for a few more years.


Amber said...

WOW!!! God is soooooo big!! Reading all of the posts on Journey of Faith Friday has encouraged me to remember just how big He is. All too often I put Him in a box.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing!!!


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