Monday, October 4, 2010

miscellany Monday

1. The mayhem part. Last Thursday night we went to our first military ball at Fort Bragg. Now we have been to a million (okay 6, haha)balls before and had a wonderful time. This time was so very different that I almost do not want to talk about it. Allot of any military ball is the drinking and while I do not love it I look over it but this one was out of hand. I swear we felt like we were in a night club. I have not seen this much peer pressure to be drunk since high school. I mean there was dancing and pool noodle fighting before the formal part was even dismissed.

2. My Grace... My baby will turn 5 next week; I just cannot believe it. How in this baby girl that weighed 2.12 when she was born now be turning 5.

3. Yard sales.... there is a wonderful lady at our church who brought me a dress a couple of weeks ago and asked if my daughter could have it. I said she would love it. She then asked if I would be offended if she bought other clothes for them from yard sales. I was beyond thrilled. She has since brought Hope a skirt and shirt. I am so grateful for people who are willing to do things like this.

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Dorcas said...

That's too bad about the ball and the drinking. That's unfortunate. As for your daughter she's super adorable. i love her outfit! Super cute! And that's really sweet of that lady to do that for you. My sister-in-law does that for me. I am always tickled when she brings the kids goodies.
Thanks for sharing your randomness.

Have a blessed week~

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