Wednesday, October 27, 2010

For the Joy of it

For the Joy of it:
1. Today I will wake up with a good mood
2. Today I will not feel guilt for having a mountain dew to start my morning
3. Today I will take the time to enjoy my husband and remember he is my spouse not just my business partner
4. Today I will allow my children a few more minutes of quiet time with mom because they are growing up quickly
5. Today I will pick up the new Beth Moore and start reading it

Good, True & Beautiful


Suzie said...

I need your help! I teach a group of girls ages 8 - 11 in my church. The next lesson is right before Veteran's Day so my lesson will be on the military. I wan tthem to write letters to people in active service. Can you give me some ideas of where we can write? Thanks!

Sharon said...

so many good things to be reminded of! Thanks. So glad your hero is home!

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