Friday, October 1, 2010

5 Question Friday

1. Did you have a pen pal when you were little (or now)? Where were/are they from? more like in middle school, just a friend whose parents separated and she moved away. Then in high school we wrote soldiers who were deployed

2. If you could do a different job for one day, what would it be? Please do not laugh, I would love to work at Target or Walmart for a day stocking and facing the shelves. I honestly would be thrilled to be able to straighten all day. You know you walk away from something leaving it look neat

3. Do you remember your biggest fear from when you were little? being alone, not having enough food

4. What do you think is a waste of time? Why? that silly farmtown I have been playing for hours now. laundry is a waste of time, I mean come on it is only going to be dirty again the next day

5. What is the oldest item you have in your closet? my wedding dress, I am seriously good about clearing things out that I do not like anymore or have outgrown. Well, that would be if I outgrew clothes which of course I never do


Tmluvmdm said...

I use wo to work at Walmart putting things on the shlvese and its no fun. it was in way though cause if something new came in you first one know lol.
and I do agree abt Farmtown lol

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