Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Gratitude Tuesday

Gratituesday is already here. This week I am writting this at 1:30am. I am setting on my couch with a little girl who had a upset tummy. She came into our bed about a hour ago and said she wanted to sleep with me. Okay, then she asked for a drink and I said NO, go to sleep. Then I heard the sound, you know the sound.
So I run from my room without looking back. Well I did take a second to ask my hero to get her a bowl. Then I came to the living room. A few minutes later she came in. She is okay, she even managed to change her shirt and then empty the dryer so we could fill it with the clothes from the washer. My wonderful hero finished cleaning off our bed and re making it. Then he put all the blankets in the washer.
So this week I am grateful for a husband who knows I can handle just about anything but what happened in my bed and I run for the hills.
I am grateful that after 5 pregnancy's I have only gotten sick a couple of times and each time my hero was there to clean up after me. I mean really cannot deal with stomach stuff.


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