Friday, December 18, 2009

Dear Blog readers

Dear blog readers I know you all have days like this so I will tell you about mine and you can laugh or cry right along with me.
Let's see the day itself was normal, wake up, go to husbands graduation from phase 2 of warrant officer school but that will get it's own post. come home and cook food for DH to take to work party, take a child to appointment while DH takes daughters to piano. come home and straighten up kitchen for the wonderful quiet evening we are going to happen. So we eat leftovers for dinner instead of our friday night dinner.
OH WAIT, i run to kroger to pick up meds because the on post hospital is closed for a CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY. WHAT??????????
So i decide that i will buy myself a little debbie cake for tomorrows breakfast (sh, do not tell, i will eat it before anyone wakes up) and as it rings up the register prints out a coupon for lean cruisine. NOW EVEN ELECTRONICS ARE SAYING I NEED TO DIET.
oh yeah the other reason i had to go to kroger was because i over cooked the butter and my sugar cookies did not come out. so DH was insistant i buy at least enough pre made cookie dough for the kids to try tonight (we never got around to it). So i come home head lowered holding my coupon. Eat dinner and turn on the movie i have been waiting to see Julie and Julia. At some point my son comes in and throws a pillow right into the CHRISTmas tree. When the movie was over I decided to go to bed. This is a luxory i have. DH stays up with the kids on friday nights and lets me go to sleep early and i let him sleep in on saturday mornings.
So i sneak off to my room before the kids will see because if they realize i am gone they want to join me.
Well I walk into my room to see safety pins all over my bedroom and bed, some open and not open, no blankets or pillows on my bed, papers and clothes and dress up clothes all over my room. So I decide to tell DH about our room. But first I make a pitstop in the hallway bathroom to notice that someone has broke the NEW soap dispenser that WAS glass and it is all over the floor with the soap and there is torn up paper everywhere and things like wet towels in the bathtub. so before i loose my temper i ask the kids to straighten up the livingroom that has cleaned ten times today. Hope tries to empty the vacumm only she spills it all over the kitchen floor. The dog has a band aid stuck to his foot, grace has set in a dirty pull up for a hour. do not even get me started on why my 4 year old is back in pull ups and cookies did not get made.
so for tonight i am going to be smile and be grateful for my blessing that are called faith hope and grace and michael. i am going to head to bed.
i hope everyone else had a great day.


Nancy said...

I can so relate to days like that. The other day I fought with trying to get my addresses from a database onto labels for a ridiculous amount of time, then sent my oldest to town and he ran out of gas. Dealt with that and then later that night he locked his keys in the truck. I couldn't go get him either time because our other vehicles weren't working so it involved lots of phone calls to get arrangements made. All turned out well. And like you, I was counting my blessings, but I was ready to get that day over with!

~bakinghomesteader~ said...

Wow...What a day indeed!

Angela said...

Oh my! I hope you have a better day tomorrow! And don't worry I to have those days too! In fact we had a shattered soap dispenser in the kids bath the other day, as well as, a cracked egg on my sofa-yes one of my sweet girls got into the eggs while I was in the shower and thought that would be a great snack (and while that was going on the baby colored herself w/ a green sharpie!)! Hope you have a great weekend!

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