Sunday, December 6, 2009

not me monday

There are wonderful praises at MckMamma, I encourage you to head over and read about them. While trying to make sure the house looked nice the entire time my mother in law was in town I did not throw a brand new maroon (RED) table cloth into the washing machine and it bleed all over our clothes. not me i would never be in such a hurry to do something.
Not my husband he would not buy our dog a Santa outfit especially since just a year ago he made fun of people who dressed there dogs.
I love volunteering, I love helping people. So this week I did not volunteer to work a bake sale only to find out (after I baked cookies , no bake cookies, cupcakes, banana bread and pumpkin bread ) that we were having the bake sale for children's miracle network and then later find out that the lady doing the bake sale changes organization every week and I was really working for child and youth services. not me of course I would have read the sign that morning when getting there and realized I was not there for who I thought I was.
I did not tell my daughter that the bottle of lemon juice was regular juice just to watch her face when she got it in her mouth. I am a wonderful mother and would never do that.
Since we do not let our children believe in Santa I most certainly did not let my girls set on Santa's lap and take a picture because they enjoy it. never would I do that. and by the way Wal-Mart would not have a FEMALE Santa, that is just too wrong.
I did not have to look up the 7 days of creation this week just to make sure that I told it to my children right. I would never have to do this because I remember my bible so well.
i did not hide out in the kitchen while my family decorated the CHRISTmas tree, and i most certainly did not have DH take all the decorations back to storage so I did not add anything to the tree they decorated. I do not want things lined up perfectly.
I did not buy bananas to make banana bread for friends and then get in my van for 2 days in a row and wonder why it smelled like bananas before remembering they were in the back. of course this would not happen because my van is always cleaned out and surely things do not fall out when you open the doors.
this week i did not lay in bed for 19 hours thinking about how horrible our situation is without taking it to the person who can make it better and show us how to handle everything, not me because I am always in prayer and remembering where my heart should be focused
i did not avoid church for 3 weeks because i do not want to be honest with my feelings about my life and how i am not where i need to be. surely i would not miss church and make excuses to my children because i do not want them to start doing the same.
on a real note, i ask you to pray for my family as we deal with some personal issues.


~bakinghomesteader~ said...

Praying for you. :)

Erin said...

Hmmm I would never not do that about church either. Good luck with everything.

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