Monday, December 21, 2009

Not Me Monday

What a wonderful week this has been. I have not been able to keep a list and even if I had I would not remember where i would have put it. If you know me I make not me about my whole family.
This week while trying to find a white hair bow that was not stained (how do hair bows get stained) I did not decide to just use a a build of bear hair bow. I am so ahead of the ball game that I would never have to do such. And even if I did do this I would never make sure I asked for lots of extra hair bows the last time I went to build a bear for just such days.
My son who I love so dearly would NEVER and I MEAN never find my CHRISTmas list and then read it to the girls so that they all know what they are recieving for CHRISTmas. He most certainly did not find this list in my Bible (at least he was looking at it) and I most certainly would not have this list in my Bible because I wrote it out during church last week.
When visiting a friend last week who had DHR doing a check at her home because she does foster care. My daughter did not announce to her that she puts bugs in her pillow case and underwear drawer. Then she did not announce "oh, it is okay I do not do that anymore, now we freeze them".
My cute little girl did not stick her hand out to stop traffic so she could cross the parking lot. Surely I have trained her better than that.
I do not sneak and buy donuts and eat them before the kids wake up. I would always buy for everyone and as over weight as I am I would not eat donuts.
Okay when buying said donuts the register did not print out lean cruisine.WHAT A WAKE UP CALL, when a machine gives you lean cruisine coupons you know you have a problem


Pennie said...

That's terrific! Love the Lean Cuisine conspiracy theory! I think you're on to something! ;)

Jenilee said...

I've used buildabear bows before! :) so funny! that also get used on barbies in this house. :)

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