Friday, December 4, 2009

Update on Melanie

A few of you have asked how our friend Melanie is doing and I thought I would let you know.thursday, December 3, 2009
Posted 6 hours ago
It has been a very long last few days. Sunday, I finally started getting over the bug that lasted a week when I started feeling low energy again. Some of it may be because I have been working (self-inflicted) many hours on the computer creating the document for the Christian Church Disciples of Christ. My daughter is editing the paper and said it is very scholarly, but not easy reading for a typical lay person....hmmmm. Guess that means back to the writing board. I decided I will present what I have (30 pages single spaced)and then when I feel better do a workshop, if they want me to, to explain the contents in simpler terms. For those of you who wonder what am I writing about....???? It is for churches and denominations about how to define and treat clergy sexual misconduct. The issue has been thoroughly brought into the public's attention in the last few years, but not much is written about how to help the victims, victim's family, clergy, clergy families, congregation, and broader church. It defines the differnt types of offenders and spells out how a sexually addicted clergy person is different from a person who crosses the boundary with a parishioner, but is not habitual.

The National Association of Social Workers has invited me to respond to another article about resilience in people who go through adversity. I may write something, if I get some rest first.

I got my hair cut after 10 months. I was waiting to see if I needed chemo and was contemplating donating it to Locks of Love. I would have had to wait another four months until it would be long enough (10 inches) and Val and I decided I do not look good in short hair so I had about 4 inches cut off.

Today I had the pleasure of playing with Samuel and Susannah (twin grandchildren) while mommy went shopping. We danced to Christmas music, went for a walk around the block holding hands to cross the street after looking both ways, of course. We took the ornaments off the Ceramic Christmas tree and back on multiple times. They hid in my closet over and over again gleefully shrieking each time I "finally" found them. Samuel ever the helpful guy, took wipes to clean the inside of the garage door, sprayed Greased Lightning on aunt Val's cupboards, and pretended to cook a can of chicken, a box of Ziplock baggies, and plant food in the oven. Luckily, Susannah did not turn it on like she did at home. She had placed daddy's cell phone in the oven, turned it on, then reached in to get it out burning her finger. Today she only smashed her thumb when Samuel slammed the over door shut before she could remove her hand. Grandma kisses and ice seemed to numb the pain and dry the tears.

Tomorrow after another dentist appointment I head north to visit with friends and colleagues. I have been in a year long support group of ministers and our final event is Monday in Tennessee. I hope the temperature is not too cold. I have gotten used to wearing sandals in December in Florida. I have had to purchase prescription sunglasses to fight the sun's glare. I have to take allergy medication to deal with all the allergens. It seems most people do. I am not complaining. I am very grateful to be here.

The oncologist has not called me back about the BRCA test yet. I have gotten my blood sugar under control with protein and small meals every few hours. Thanks to those of you who wrote about elevated bilirubin counts. It seems it is probably common and no big deal.

Val's co-worker's 13 year old daughter is off the ventilator and out of ICU. Thanks for the prayers.

I have to take a course in January at FSC online to get my full social work license in the state. It has been five years since I was in regular classes. I hope my brain remembers how to think critically.

Thanks for listening to my ramblings. I hope you are enjoying the Christmas season or Hanukah if that is your tradition. Pleasant dreams. Melanie


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