Sunday, December 13, 2009

Not me Monday

I love reading Mckmamma and I love reading her not me Monday list. Check out her blog
I love being able to get all this off my chest. This week I am including some things other people have done.
My dear daughter did not put a hat on the dogs head and then laugh when she he could not see and ran into things, she surely did not laugh after being sent to her room. my children are trained better than this. so this would never happen.
After a neighbor brought over cupcakes a adult did not reply "no, but you can smell my breathe" when a child got out of bed to ask for one. Every adult in my home is sweat and loving and of course shares chocolate cupcakes. especially since there was 6 of them.
I love snuggling with my children but after my 7 year old coming to my bed for 2 nights in a row I did not convince her that if she gets in my bed again she needs to snuggle up to dad, that it might hurt his feelings if she does not because she always snuggles with me. I would never lie to my child just to get a good nights sleep.
when my 12 year old son took me to breakfast and asked for a military discount (my husband is a soldier). the waitress did not look at my son after looking at his military ID and say " you look really young to be a soldier". surely she knew better.
when taking my son to target the cashiers did not forget to look at his ID when he used a visa check card. They did not also ask him if he wanted to apply for a credit card. I am glad I was in the next aisle and heard before he said yes.
when opening our kitchen table up for Thanksgiving I did not find candy wrappers that a certain child had been stuffing in there when sneaking candy. my children would never sneak candy and they would not hide things in the table.
I am so organized that I do not worry that I put the same things in my not me Monday post.
I did not allow DH to take down Grace's bed after her not sleeping in it for months. I did not make him leave it up out of pride (she sleeps with her sister). I was not worried someone would think we could not provide a bed for her.
I did not buy a new shower curtain when my in laws were coming down instead of cleaning the current one.
This weekend I did not have the privilege of going to a wedding of a homeschool friend. I did not instantly think you can tell this is a homeschool wedding by the amount of 12 passenger vans in the parking lot (especially since I have begged DH for a 12 passenger van). I am not judgmental and would not think that.
Honestly I rarely listen to country music. So this did not happen to me, after the wedding I did not go to get in my van and have LOUD country music playing and then instead of turning the music off did not accidentally turn it off. after trying to park 4 different times and still not doing it well. I did not ask a friends teenager to pull my van around. I have been driving for 17 years and would never need a teenager to help me.
after laughing at the people of Wal-Mart I did not find this picture of my husband and daughter,

how was everyone else's week. did you forget to buckle your child when running to the store, did you leave the house and realize your children do not have shoes on. if so please let me know so I do not feel like I am the only one who messes up.


Pixel Perfect said...

Blog hopping...great post! I needed to get my mind off things and laugh. Thanks!


Jennifer Moore said...

I never buy a new shower curtain instead of cleaning the old one, in fact, I never do it every couple of months (or when it starts looking really gross)
Check out my "NOT ME" moments of the week.

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