Saturday, January 9, 2010

day 2 of 2

Rob is settled in and bored. He said his room was freezing but they came and fixed it this morning. He said the PX was huge. He has a formation at 4pm tomorrow. He still does not know rather he will be staying because the paperwork has not been e-mailed to him yet.
The kids and I have had a good day. We have layed around and done nothing. Cleaned up a little here and there. I did make a yummy dinner. Felt a little bad because when I told Rob what I was making he said "you do not make that when I am there". I am kinda anxious to move and re stock our cabinets and get back in a good routine. i have to say Robert has done alot of the cooking recently.
Please pray for Rob. We would like to get some answers and know what will be next in our lives.
I did not get much done on the moving front except for just relaxing.


squeeli2 said...

You need to let me come help you get some packing done.

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