Sunday, January 24, 2010

Not Me Monday-moving edition

I think I will say this is not me Monday moving edition. I think this not me should be about the move. I am not going to have to throw away 20 ounces of breast milk from 4 years ago because it has been setting in my freezer for 4 years. I am not that emotional that i would keep these last few bags of milk instead of throwing it out years ago.
When cleaning out my dresser drawers I did not have to sneak and throw away ten four negative pregnancy test because I hide them in there so dear husband does not know I take them. I would never take test every month when I know DH thinks it is a waste of money and I really agree with him.
My daughter did not have a BM in a bowling alley and then refuse to go at home, not Grace she would never be 4 years old and still need pull ups.
My son who is addicted to computers and has been grounded from them for at least 9 months did not take a laptop with a broken screen and hook it up to a monitor in the office to get on line. My child would never be that determined.
I did not stay out until well after midnight twice this week.
My DH did not buy Pepsi one because it was on sale and then realize it was not as good as diet Pepsi and go back and buy diet Pepsi. He also did not drink 6 12 packs of diet Pepsi in one week.
My DD did not once twice but three time dry my new shirts and skirt this week after being reminded a million times.
This week when I was going to a going away party I most certainly could find all of my make up and would NEVER have to go buy new mascara because i could not find mine. I always wear make up and fix my hair.
This week I did not have a dream about being treated like trash by other officers wives and then dream about a baby moose coming into my house and not knowing what to do.
This week I am not going to call housing to fix a faucet in the kitchen or to tell them that my bathroom leaks when it rains hard, of course I would not wait until the week before we move to have them do repairs. I am not totally hoping they replace the whole faucet in the kitchen and light in the bathroom so I do not have to clean them.
I did not announce at my going away party that at my next post I want to be quiet and known as a quiet person because I am so loud now. Of course I am a quiet women and would never be a loud mouth.
Speaking of mouth, I have not bit holes into my lip and mouth. I would never do this day in and day out.


Adge said...

a bakery would be fun to own

Cop Mama said...

Wow, 3 skirts! You catch on fast!

I guess I would tell your daughter that you need to learn to sew before you can teach her.

Thanks for linking up! I clicked over and it worked great!

Anonymous said...

I know how that is. There are some things my oldest had wanted to learn as well, but for some reason I keep putting them off. Its not that I dont want to teacher her... I guess its trying to find the time to do so.

Candy said...

The breast milk comment made me laugh. I think I still have a bag or two sitting in my freezer. Not sure why I want to hold on to it :)

Jenilee said...

Oh, i've been out late too! I'm exhausted from it:) gone are the days I can do that and expect to catch up on sleep another day...

Brianne said...

I always feel like that when I tell my daughter not right now or someday. I mean she wants me now to do something and I should just do it. One day she will hardly want to do anything with me. We have all been there!

Have fun sewing!

Chelle said...

Don't you just LOVE the potty training adventures? Our move was HORRIBLE. I did the same waited till the end to make every single fix-it appt I could. And then to top off the stress, the day before our check out spilt a bottle of toilet bowl cleaner on the carpet only to find out that it was the lime away version that ate a whole in the middle of the carpet costing me $600 for that huge piece because I refused to have DH cut a square out of the closet and temp fix it. Hope this week will be better then the last for you.

Krystyn said...

Oh goodness...4 year old breastmilk. Oh, my!

And, oh, that sounds like a blast at the bowling alley.

I hope I never move again!

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