Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sci Quest

One of the fun places to visit if you live near us is Sci-Quest/. They have amazing classes for kids and even have a parents date night that sounds fun. I love to go during a school day just to let the kids run around. there is a big house in the middle that is great for Grace's age. They can plant veggies and flowers, cook food, play musical instruments. We had not been in a couple of years so I took the girls one last time before the move. My friend Constance and Ranny both went so the kids had lots of friends to play with. This was a pool game on the wall and you were suppose to jump to hit the balls. When Faith could not reach the balls she put Grace on her shoulders to help.


Click Clack Mom said...

That looks like a BLAST!! How fun!

Christine:) said...

I have bought "extra" makeup before too....haha. I love that you kept your breastmilk for that long!! Tons of luck with your move!

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