Monday, January 4, 2010

Moving Update

I wish I had a cute picture of a moving truck or something fun. So Rob went to transportation today. First they said it was too early to make a appointment WHAT. So after talking to them nicely they said he could come back Thursday morning at 10am and talk to them. So he is BUT he will have to leave straight from the meeting to go to GA. So this afternoon he went to housing to give our 30 day notice. They said they would like us out by the 10th of Febuary instead of 12th. The theory is that if we bring them a certified check for $475 on the first they will cancel our allotment and we SHOULD get our entire BAH for Febuary on our end of the month pay check. If we do not do this Then they will take the whole months BAH and it will take up to 90 days to get us our money. So the other part of this debate is that Rob will get home from Airborne school on January 29. Because it will take the movers 2 days to pack and one day to load we would have to have them come the week before the 10th if we want time to clear housing. So that means the next few weeks will be beyond super busy for me. I guess I will know more answers after Thursday.
Rob leaves Thursday for 3 weeks of Airborne school. YES, I know he is too old for it, we have been told a million times but he has to go. Yes, I know officers hit pavement, but he has assured me he will hit grass, haha!


All My Monkeys said...

Hi. You left a comment on my blog, but I don't think the person you are looking for specificallty is me. Were you on Blogfrog or on a blog comment?

I wanna make cake pops too. BUt I have a fancy idea (so maybe you should check back to my blog in a few days to see if I managed to do it. haha). I just need to go get the chocolate!!

GreenLeaf said...

First of all, my wife is not typing this for me because I am being too lazy. I am not totally keeping her here for ten minutes to tell you in a few words that I liked your Not Me's. Where do you get one of those smart computers that tells you you are hitting the wrong button?

harmonysong said...

boy, what an ordeal!! UGH! Hope everything works out well! The Lord knows the details!

Thanks for asking about my BIL- no diagnosis yet. No one can figure it out and he is seeing top doctors in the country. He was transferred to a new hospital today with different specialists, so we are HOPEful!

Why not act silly in a hospital? Have to add humor to keep things light when appropriate! :)Blessings to you!

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