Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Today was a good day. We all know how the morning started and if you do not please read the previous post. Today we did not get allot done or at least it looks that way. I did wrap up $80 worth of change and take it to the bank. I also closed our bank account that is here. I went to hobby lobby today and spent close to a hour walking around the store crying. I went to pick up scrapbooks for Faith and her friend Grace so they could make them before we move. Then I saw something that reminded me of my friend Janet and I lost it. It is so weird I normally do not have a hard time leaving but when I think about leaving Janet it kills me. The thing is Janet and I do not talk every day. She does not know my deepest secrets and fears, well maybe some of them. You see Janet and I love to organize things and work well together. She has been there for me more times than I can remember or list. When my water broke with my daughter at 26 weeks she set up a schedule so that I would not go days without visitors or have too many in one day. Then when my daughter was back in the hospital she visited almost daily and then she arranged meals. Even more than that several months ago we had a scary thing happen in our personal life. I left our co op very upset (it had nothing to do with our co op) and came home. Within minutes my phone was ringing and she said she was in my drive way. She left her class to come and be here for me. This lady does not say life is over or you are a bad wife or bad mother. She tells me what is in the scripture, she tells me what she thinks I need to hear. I have heard many people make compliments to her about how much they appreciate her over the last couple of years but I do not think there is any way she will ever know how much we mean it. So in case you have not heard me say it before please here me say that there is no way I could have survived the last 5 years without my friend Janet.
We did get the laundry room started. We need to clean under the washer and dryer tomorrow and get laundry caught up. My goal tomorrow is to make hotel reservations, get caught up on laundry and then I am meeting a friend for dinner.
Housing from Fort Bragg called today and wanted us to accept a house right now. We said no because we could not see it. The house they are offering is a brand new duplex. They are pretty, I just do not know if they have the space we need


Christine:) said...

All the best of luck with your move! My husband used to be in the military and I remember the uncertainness of going to a new place and not wanting to leave the people I became so close to in the old place. Your family is in my prayers:)

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