Sunday, January 17, 2010

Not Me Monday

Have I told you how wonderful I feel after I confess all my silliness every week. I wish I could remember all the weirdness from this week.I did not put my lense cap in my bra this week because I could not hold it and did not want to loose it. I would never use my bra as a second pocket. And even more so I would not have learned this from my home school friends.
I was not walking into a store the other day and notice that my pants were unzipped and since I would always notice this before getting out of the car I did not accidently zip my shirt into my pants. I did not then try to fix the problem walking through the aisles instead of going to the bathroom.
Speaking of shoes when I did not go into Cato's to look at shoes I did not have one shelf crash to the ground and make the whole store rattle with noise and since that did not happen a second shelf would not have fallen and made a even louder noise.
We are moving and I am coping well with this fact so I would never go to Hobby Lobby to pick up a few things and spend a hour walking around Hobby Lobby crying because I decided to buy a thank you gift for a friend who I wrote about here. A worker would not have to come up to me and ask if I was okay. Since I am in such control of my emotions I most certainly would not have set in the parking lot and eat chocolate covered peanuts and drink mountain dew.
After hearing on TV that men who vacuum have a lower sperm count my husband has not reminded me every time her does this chores that this is why it has been 4 years and we are not pragnant. He would never do this since for one we have never done anything to stop pragnancy. And he knows I would love to have more babies.
I hope everyone else had a wonderful week and tells me all the fun things they did


Cop Mama said...

Oh sweetie, you are so funny! Lol! I could totally see myself doing the shoe store thing and the grocery store adjustment.

I really do hope your move goes well :-)

Christine:) said...

Men who vacuum.....seriously!?
Sounds like a good use of chocolate in your car. I would have done the same thing:)

GapGirl said...

I saw in your about me that your a help-MEET!!! Love it. DOn't find many "help-meet" girls.

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