Sunday, January 10, 2010

One sided conversation

Grace asked if she could call daddy, this is all I heard.
daddy is that you
daddy i know you miss me
daddy, i love you
we went to church
i slept on the couch
uhha, my baby is on the couch
daddy, i am watching 911
and this man stuck something in his mouth
daddy what type of mall are you at
daddy when are you coming home
how many days is that
i love you daddy
daddy, daddy, i love you
i got my nice blanket
and curly (our dog) loves me so much
when i was taking a throat he slept with me
daddy are you there, daddy, daddy
HELLO daddy, don't you love me
don't you love me the best
shaking head yes
daddy are you still there
DADDY , (screaming)
daddy i love you
have you seen how big i am
i do not know
mommy can i have a apple
good bye daddy, i love you daddy


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