Sunday, January 10, 2010

Not me Monday

I love not me Monday. I like it even more when I remember to write things down. This has been a educational week. First after being told ten a hundred times I learned how to put lines through words. I also learned how to make a word clickable like, if I type MckMama then you can click on it. Surely after 10 months of blogging I would have known this.
Not my daughter, she would never take all my postage stamps and use as stickers. She would not do this since she she has gotten in trouble for it before.
This would I did not have a fit on my husband and then laugh at myself on my own blog. I am a strong army wife and I never do things like loose it over a move.
I love my husband more than life and would never look forward to my husband leaving so I could enjoy sleeping in our bed by myself. We have a new mattress and boxspring and I would only sleep well with my husband. We have had bad weather recently with lots of bad weather. I did not laugh at how bad the news makes it sound. I also did not order pizza to be delivered and then feel guilty for asking them to deliver it and give the guy a $10 tip on a $20 order. Glad we are moving because I can not continue to do that one. Speaking of cold weather I did not put tea on the front porch so it would get cold. I would never have to do this since I always keep my ice tray filled. I did not buy bread this week because we are moving in a month and I do not want to buy more bread flour. I surely would not take the last of the bread off the shelf when everyone is buying it before the BIG snow storm, when I could make my own. Last week a man in the grocery store did not have to tell my 7 year old to get a plastic produce bag of her mouth and face because I was not paying attention. During my breakdown this week with DH I was not sick and have a very yucky nose I did not pick up a pair of stretch pants and blow my nose. A proper lady would never do that. My husband did not say in all honesty that if he had done that I would have smacked him in the back of the head. Yesturday I decided to make the girls smoothies but realized the fruit was frozen in the freezer. The food would not be stuck because of course I keep it cleaned out. I also did not take my sons sword to the ice in deep freezer.

Okay time to fess up, PLEASE tell me you have done these types of things before. Make me feel normal


Anonymous said...

LOL! She is so funny!


Amy O'Connor said...

I love the blowing the nose on the stretch pants thing! I can't tell you how many times I've yelled at my husband when he has picked up his dirty sock and blown his nose on it because he didn't want to get out of bed. Note that he would blow it on the top part, not where his foot had been! Either way, he has finally stopped because he's afraid that I may make him wear them dirty next time!!

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