Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dr. Mahesh

Dr. Mahesh has treated Will and Grace since birth. This is the only doctor we have had since birth that I have totally trusted. I know that I can call him day or night and someone will be there to help me. I will never forget one of the first funny things he said to me. When our babies were young we would be taken to our rooms and then Will's mom and I would stand in the hallway and talk. He told us we were desperate synagis moms (kinda like desperate housewives) because we could not wait to talk. Within a couple of months they let us just put our babies in the same room and so for the last 4 years we have been seen together every time we go in. When Grace was put in the hospital at a year old for lack of growth he pitched a fit that I did not call him to have him admit her. See because the military saw us we saw any doctor available and he could have changed that. When Grace got sick last year we knew she was really sick when I asked her if she wanted to go see Dr. Mahesh and she said no. We knew then she was out of it. Dr. Mahesh takes his time with us, answers the same questions I have asked before. He talks to us like we are friends and as if he is a family friend treating Grace. If you look at the pictures you will notice he is always in blue jeans and a t shirt. Dr. Mahesh has always been patient when I brought in my other children and even laughed with them and taught my son who does not watch football that Auburn is bad. I love living here and there are lots of things that makes me not want to move but one of the major reasons is for Dr. Mahesh and his nurses.
Please know that his nurses are as important to me as he is. They laugh with us. They always have time to talk to me and laugh with me. They always return phone calls quickly. They have never made us feel like we are bothering them. They are always smiling. There is another lady I want to say Thank you to, Mrs. Dorthy. Mrs. Dorthy works the front desk and answers the phone when I call. She has always smiled at us and given us anything we need. I have never called and her forget to leave a message for the right person. When I call for the tenth time because I can not remember what time my appointment is she tells me. When Grace was in the hospital last year I was given a special treat. I walked past the nurses station (we did laps up and down the hall) twice thinking I know that lady. It was Mrs. Dorthy. She was working the nurses desk. Here are some older pictures of Dr. Mahesh and the kids.


TAMMY said...

Gotta love a doctor that wears a t-shirt and blue jeans just like us. ;)

Cop Mama said...

You are so fortunate to have found such a good Dr. The pics are adorable!

Anonymous said...

We love Dr. Mahesh too! Kendra did great under his care.... not one hospital stay! Now he is seeing Chandler for asthma. I tell you what! You keep Dr. Mahesh as Grace's doctor and that will give you the perfect excuse to come back and visit all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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