Tuesday, January 12, 2010


If there was ever a day I wish I would have taken pictures it would have been today. Rob stayed home with us most of the day. We went in the girls room and told each of them to pick 8 stuffed animals to give away.Before I knew it they were filling trashbags. By the end we had 5 big black trashbags full. A friend came by and took them all to the thrift store to donate for us. After a while my will not get rid of anything husband said we are past 8 each. I shooshed (is that a word) him and they kept going. If they chose one I did not like then I would say okay pick this or that. When they were done with there stuffed animals Hope said Okay time to do baby dolls. So we went through baby dolls. Then I went through there closet and got rid of some. Then I went through Grace's shoes and her closet. Then I cleaned out her dresser. Can someone explain how I have 3 sets of girl twin newborn outfits. When we were done in there room I moved to the kitchen. I went through each cabinet. I even chose to get rid of a few polish pottery pieces I never use. I had 2 junk drawers to go through in the kitchen. I went through cookbooks, laughing that I had duplicates. Then I cleaned up the art cabinet and took care of the things that had been thrown on top of the fridge. Rob wiped off the top and sides of the microwave. Then I went into the livingroom and cleaned out the coffee table. Then I went in the office and straightened up my art cabinet. It seems like we did more. I cleaned up the kitchen while Rob ran to Home Depot. He was getting the stuff to fix the girls bed. We even got school done today. I love when we can get things done.
Rob went to transportation and they said paperwork has been done and can not be changed so we are staying here until FebuaryI just have to post these two pictures. This house came with a fridge, so we keep ours in the garage and Rob uses it for bait (yuck) and soda. He was so wonderful to clean it out before he left last week. YUCK, dead worms, frozen chicken livers. YUCK!


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