Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I know I have not updated in a few days. We have gotten some done. When I list it out it helps motivate me. Thursday night I went to dinner with a friend. Friday night we went to a friends house for dinner. We had a great time, I just wish we could have stayed and talked all night. Then Saturday I went to the scrapbook store. Saturday night Rob and I went out to see Sherlock Holmes. We did get behind the stove cleaned and the sides of the stove. The baseboards and kitchen floor done. I got all my bookshelves in the living room cleaned off. I can not believe I found a trash bag of trash on them. I also cleaned out under our entertainment stand. I need to have a child dust it today. Today my goals are to keep up with school and maybe clean out the girls clothing shelves that are in the hallway. Michael has a appointment this morning and this afternoon Grace has appointment with her beloved Dr. Mahesh. I will try not to cry. This will probably be the last time we see our friend Will (and his mom). Will was Grace's NICU buddy. I am sure I will loose it the minute we get in the car. This is also the last day I will be keeping my friends daughter Evie. I kept Evie from birth until the day before my water broke with Grace. I love that little girl. I think of all the emotional tonight will be the hardest. Tonight is my last mom's night out but it is also my going away party. These ladies have meant the world to me and have been there for me more times than I wish I needed. I kinda feel bad because most of them eat healthy and they are having fried chicken and mash potatoes for me. So sweat of them. Okay if I want to get anything done I better get going. 3 weeks from today we will clear housing and be on our way to a new place


Anonymous said...

Hey Pam,

Thought I'd comment after all of my times here. I had a great time last night! Glad you are coming to the first few coops...

See you at coop!
Becky L.


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