Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Rob got home about 4pm. We are glad he is home. I did not think I would get alot done but I did get all the laundry (well except for Grace's) put away and the house straight. Then we went through the girls shoe bucketS and pulled out all the shoes they do not like or do not fit or were in bad shape. Then we went through the dress up clothes and did the same. My goals for today are to go through there pajamas and the clothes in there closet. I still need to go through stuffed animals and purses in there room.
Rob is going to transportation this morning to see if we can move our packers up a week. It would be nice to be out of here before the first of Febuary so BAH kicks in like it should. We will know more this afternoon


Kylee said...

Hey there-Thanks for the comment on my blog! I prayed for your husband. I hope everything goes well with the upcoming move...have a wonderful week!

Brenda said...

That looks really yummy and really easy.

Cop Mama said...

Sorry so much upheaval. Take care, sooner or later, you'll be settled :-)

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