Thursday, October 20, 2011

Feeling Beachie

This week’s statements:
1. I am afraid of__driving in snow or ice. I am honestly afraid to drive in any weather. __
2. My _livingroom__ is my favorite room of my house; it is the only room that has any real decorations. And honestly it does not have a lot of decorating.
3. The last time I _rode a zip line____ I couldn’t _hold my own body weight and landed on my bottom with little rocks all over my knees and arms_____.
4. I got my first __house on my own___ when I was _18 years old__



Les Botchar said...

totally with you on #1.  and I live in Canada, so I basically have to drive in these conditions almost half the year.   I have actually gotten quite good at just have to pry my white knuckles off the wheel when I arrive at my destination! LOL

Hilary Grossman said...

I agree with your number one.  I dread the snowy icy weather, and pray that it only happens on weekends when I don't have to drive to work.  I have an hour commute....

Cathy Kennedy said...

I don't like driving in or being a passager when the weather is nasty, especially on icy roads. Simply put, no one goes anywhere he/she wants!

I don't know if I ever noticed this or not...I'm having one of the MM(Mommy Moments), but you homeschool. What about that? So, do I! Of course, our youngest is now a senior so this chapter is winding down. Second, I see that you're from WV. How cool is this? So are we!!!

Have a good weekend and thanks for joing Hilary & me today!!!

Friday Four Fill-in Fun with Feeling 

Beth Ann said...

Wow---your answers are great!!!  Snow and ice are not fun to drive in/on/over/around .  I am longing for the day when I no longer have to endure the horrible weather of the midwest!! And kudos to you for owning a house at 18!  That is awesome!! Great to see all the answers today!!!

Jennifer said...

I do not like driving in snow or ice either! It has been a while, thank goodness, but not something I enjoyed!

I love your photo at the top of your blog!! How funny that everyone is doing their own little thing. =)

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