Monday, October 10, 2011


I hope no one minds that I combine Not me Monday and Miscellany Monday. In my mind they go together.
1. This week we did not find the smell that had been there for weeks in my sons’ room. And it was not a bag from camp with wet clothes in it from a month ago.
2. I am not the parent who checks under her children’s beds and in their closets when they are told to clean there room. I am also not known to pull anything out of places it does not belong and leave it in the middle of the Childs floor.
3. It was also not my son who woke up and found no clean spoons in the drawer so instead of opening the dishwasher used a measuring spoon.
4. I did not lie to my friend for 3 days about her husband coming home.
5. Did you know that twice in the last month we have gotten free Domino’s pizzas? They make this offer on there facebook page for a free artisan pizza. So twice I have ordered one under my page and one under my husbands. I did not however make my husband go out at 9pm one night to pick them up.
6. My beautiful baby girl turns 6 this week. She has actually grown a few inches. She is still skinny as a rail and her ribs look scary to me. Why do all six of my children need clothes in the same month. We are on a tight budget right now so it was not me that trusted my 6 year old when she said the pants she was trying on in the fitting room fit her. It was not me who almost cried when we got them home and they were too short. I mean big time too short. UGGG anyone have some size 5 pants that are long they want to send my way.
7. I do have a question, why are clothes not made to fit my daughter exactly? She needs a size 4 waist and a size 6 length please. Oh and dresses she needs a size 7 for length and size 4 waist. I am sorry my little girl is not wearing a dress that shows her little bottom as cute as it is.
8. Are you someone who is late or on time? I am always on time. Actually it is normally me setting in the parking lot with the kids waiting so I do not arrive too early to something. So it was not me who was late to AWANA last week because I stopped to buy allergy medicine. It was also not an AWANA leader who made a comment about me always being late. WHAT???????? Do you know me?
9. Do you have a list a mile long of things you just need to get done? I have a 9 hour training to do on line and never find the time to do it. This training would make it possible for me to get paid for doing something I already do for free. So it is not me who is in my room typing this out instead of taking the training like I should be.
10. Okay, honestly it is not my fault that I cannot do the training because I have to have one more authorization I was not aware of. I cannot get it because it is a holiday. Can I say UGGGGGGG any louder?
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linds said...

and i should be cleaning

Jenilee Goodwin said...

what a week! whew... the life of a mom! :)

Amanda said...

Love it! Love the jeans comment the most! And dresses UGH! We have a SUPER tall 4 year old on our hands. She is wearing size 6 slim jeans and they are still too big in the waist, but they're the only thing that aren't high waters! And well, dresses....don't get me started on them. The only thing I can do is put leggings under them! :S

Deb McCormick said...

Funny stuff. #3 cracked me up. My kids would also do something like that.

Leanne said...

I would totally do #3, too.  At school, I often use dishes for purposes other than what they are intended for when I haven't done dishes in far too long.

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